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(Jun 28/09) Could the available criteria for searching the catalogues be extended to include page counts? Maybe a range could be given by the catalogue user. In certain subjects, the particular use of a given text is often related to its thickness (eg., math texts that are ungodly huge are usually used in the classroom, and smaller ones elsewhere). I know this suggestion sounds strange, but it would be a great help to have it carried out. Thanks!

Library response: Thanks for the suggestion. In reality, our catalogue records don't contain page counts for all our books, so even if we did add that as a search option, the results would probably be misleading (providing results only for catalogue records *with* page counts, ignoring those without, even if they meet the page count searched for). Still, it's a useful suggestion and an interesting idea, so I'm adding it to our list of interface and functionality changes for the catalogue. We'll certainly investigate it further and implement the feature if we can! (Jul 9/09)
Answered by: Amanda Etches-Johnson (User Experience Librarian),bannisl

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