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(Jun 15/09) Patron would like to suggest that : Description of the International Bridge constructed over the Niagara River, near Fort Erie, Canada, and Buffalo, U.S. of America published 1873 be digitized because hes spoken with a number of Canadian historians, Fort Erie histoical society and historians at Brock University and this book is not known to them. Author Gzowski was the leading engineer in Canada at this time. this book contains maps and folio drawings and the condition is poor, brittle and disintegrating. Carl Riff

Library response:

Thanks for the suggestion! The Library does have a digitization program underway for books that are no longer copyright protected, and we're certainly interested in knowing which books our users would like to have done.

I did check on this book and, unfortunately, our copy is too fragile to survive the scanning process. A copy from Harvard has been digitized and is available through both the Internet Archive ( and GoogleBooks (

(Jun 23/09)
Answered by: Wade Wyckoff (Associate University Librarian, Collections)

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