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(Jun 11/09) Im not sure if this is for all libraries but you guys REALLY should carry change for printers and photocopiers. Money is money and your machines do not accept currency that is not in the form of 5 dollar bills, loonies or toonies. Furthermore, the only cash source near the vicinity is an ATM machine which only deposits 20 $ bills. Usually I am in a rush when I am to use your printing services and since this is a service for students who dont normally carry a lot of money, you should upgrade your machines or carry the appropriate currency. I mentioned to this your staff after a particularly disastrous day (due to running around campus) and the staff curtly replied theres a coffee shop nearby, you know as if that was the obvious solution. NO! I dont want a cup of coffee, I just want to print my assignment and I should be able to do so with pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and what have yous.

Library response:

I appreciate how frustrating it is to obtain change when you need to use in the print card vending machines located in the McMaster University libraries. Unfortunately, the library does not own those machines. The University contracts out the service to a third party. We have worked with the company responsible for the print cards in an attempt to arrange better service, but at the moment, we are limited by the technical limitations of the vending machines. We have also enquired about having a change machine in the Health Sciences Library but we have been told that this is not an option. Many individuals are not aware that the print cards can also be purchased in the Health Sciences Bookstore (located on the first floor of the hospital near the read elevators). They are equipped with cash registers and debit card machines, making it much easier to purchase or add value to print cards when you do not have exact change.


Jennifer McKinnell

Head of Public Services

(Jun 15/09)
Answered by: Jennifer McKinnell (Director, Health Sciences Library)

Follow-up Comments:

Fair enough but the problem was that I did have five dollars in exact change for the debt card but it was not in the form of a five dollar bill. Until the problem is remedied, I think it would be convenient if libraries carried some change on hand. (2009-06-17)

Thank you for taking the time to continue to share your concerns and suggestions. I agree that the entire process of obtaining change seems somewhat frustrating. Unfortunately, the maintenance and support of the print card vending machines is beyond our control. For security and accounting reasons, the Health Sciences Library cannot maintain a float to provide change. I have just confirmed that the print card vending machines will issue new cards regardless of whether the money inserted is a combination of loonies, toonies, or a five dollar bill. Quarters, dimes and nickels do not work. Jennifer McKinnell Head of Public Services Health Sciences Library (2009-06-17)

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