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(Mar 17/09) The wireless network in the Health Sciences Library is slower than other places on campus. I tried 2, 5, 6 & 8 and the signal strength is bad in all of them. Can you do something to improve it?

Library response:

The Library has been extremely busy this week but we have just tested the signal strength on the upper level (2:50 p.m.) and 3 out of 4 had a good response.  We did install Internet ports in the tables, the study rooms and in a few of the carrels in the Quiet Study area on the lower level so you have the option of connecting directly using an internet cable.  We are monitoring and working on this issue - please see the reply I posted to a similar concern on March 12.

(Mar 17/09)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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