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(Mar 5/09) Please look into the comments side of your suggestions system -- it doesnt seem to work. So Im putting this in at the suggestion level, in response to the one below complaining about somewhat limited MacBooks enablement support. I find it a little much that a student who benefits from the pooled resources of a university (rather than a collegiate) would carp at having several rather than one library service at their beck and call. I am in physical science with interests in psychophysics and in medical imaging, so appreciate using both Thode and Health Science libraries, as well as the late hours at Mills. This is what a university is all about, and theres no such thing as usurping going on because theres no such thing as a proprietary library. If the writer thinks they will be a $$$-earning health professional perhaps they need to learn now that costly resources such as hospital campuses are there to benefit all.

Library response:

Thanks for your comment.  Regarding the 'comments' side of our suggestion system, I should explain that when you comment on a previous suggestion your comment goes into an approval queue which is why it does not appear immediately.  I just tested the feature and believe it is working correctly, but will monitor this over the next little while.


(Mar 5/09)
Answered by: Catherine Baird (Marketing, Communications and Outreach Librarian)

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