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(Mar 2/09) I tried to post a comment to a relevant suggestion but eh system rejected it, so here it is as a full-fledged suggestion. I have to agree with the complaint regarding scanned works. Increasingly many theses and other works in science now have detailed figures using several colours, particularly 3-D contour plots, whose entire significancee is lost when a b&w scan is done. As well, with more and more attention and reporting on nanoscale objects, TEM, AFM and many other imaging modalities are now common-place and ill-served by any but the finest of scan resolutions. My suggestion is to generally scan scientific (including medical) works at a zoomed magnification (105 % or more), and to use the best scanners possible. Incidentally, I agree about several comments on the Thode cafe as mis-allocated, because (a) its equipment is noisy even if the patrons arent, (b) its prices are far too high and (c) it even charges for hot water (not quite legal). HOWEVER, I think the relaxation and work area with wireless internet is useful; so my suggestion would be to replace the cafe counter with good coffee (Van Houte) and sandwich vending machines such as they have at Robarts library (U of T).

Library response: I would agree that there are many different qualities in the various types of scanned materials we provide access to. Many are produced commercially while only a relatively small percentage have been scanned in-house to date. I would encourage you to report any poor quality images to us. It may be that we can have the specific pages re-scanned and replaced in the copy. You are welcome to send these directly to my attention - Anne Pottier ( (Mar 5/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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