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(Feb 23/09) The noise coming from the food counter on the first floor makes it impossible to study quietly on the second. Is there some way to supply the study space that was lost due to this, or have an enclosure put up around the eating area? There is too little space to study at the university as it is, this has just made it worse.

Library response:

Thanks for your comments.

We agree it can be quite noisy on the 2nd floor, so we made some changes over the Reading Week.  More information can be found on our News Blog @

All carrels from the 1st floor were moved to the north side of the lower level.

This area has now been designated as a Quiet Study Area.

Signs will be posted in the next day or so.

Recognizing that the 2nd floor is quite noisy we expect this now to be used more as a Group Study area.

Silent Study space remains available on the 3rd floor.

We hope you find this zoning of study space meets your needs!

(Feb 23/09)
Answered by: philbro

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