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(Feb 11/09) Although I was against having books put into storage after being scanned, I felt it was because I did not enjoy reading from the screen and would rather read from a book. I figured I was old fashioned and that I should get with the times. (As all young people are being told to do by those who produce the technology) Anyway, I started reading the so called scanned books and half the time, they are useless to see online. Ill give a particular example. Plastic deformation behavior of pure magnesium in the temperature range 4.2K--300K by Bhattacharya, Basab, Ph.D., McMaster University (Canada), 2006, 302 pages; AAT NR28246 I encourge someone to look up that PhD Thesis up and go to pages 246ish to look at the TEM images that have been performed. They are impossible to see. TEM samples take weeks to prepare and analyze. Now they can no longer be appriciated or learned from. Is this what we have to look forward to in the future? Personally, I would have rather bought my coffee from Tim Hortons and spent the extra money that went to build the cafateria at thode on a better scanner. What can be done about such bad quality?

Library response:

Thank you for your comment. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

The thesis in question was digitized from microfilm by ProQuest and I would agree the images in this section of the thesis are quite poor. We will take a look at the original copy and see if we can't do better ourselves and replace these pages or make an alternate copy available.

If you would like me to communicate with you directly on when this updated copy might be available, please send me an email -

 Update: I have had this thesis re-digitized and the images are much better. Can you please send me an email so I can share this new file with you?  Thanks!  Anne Pottier (

(Feb 11/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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