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(Jan 19/09) The sixth floor of Mills library really needs some TLC. More than once, I have been prohibited from taking out a book which I really needed because someone is stretched out, sleeping in the stacks. While I understand the need for a place to unwind at school (who doesnt!), the sixth floor should still be treated as though it is part of a library, not a hotel. I have noticed that the number of people sleeping on the floor is significantly less on the lower floors- isnt there a way to enforce this uniformly? I access most of my books from the sixth floor, and I know many other students in my discipline who do the same. The computer catalogue is also in a really awkward spot- is there any chance of putting the computer up against the wall like on the other library floors? The organization/maintenance of the other floors is really great- I would just like to see the same care given to the sixth, please! Thanks a bunch.

Library response:

Thanks for your comments. While we can't do much about where people choose to sleep, you can always ask them to move if you need access to the stacks and should feel free to do so. I do expect you find more people slumbering on the 6th floor since it tends to be quieter.

We will look into where the catalogue is placed to see if we can find a more suitable area. Sometimes this floor can be difficult to lay out since it is only a small part of a larger area.

 Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

(Jan 23/09)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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