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(Dec 13/08) I just have two suggestions for the library during exam time: 1) Increase the temperature, its way too cold especially along the windows. It becomes increasingly difficult to focus when youre feeling a draft. I tend to bundle up for library studying but somehow always end up putting my jacket on because its just that cold. 2) Increase stock of ear plugs, it gets noisy at certain hours and I was told I should try to walk all the way to mills to get ear plugs because they had run out. Exam period should bring to mind an increase demand for quiet and the necessary stock for students to have that type of environment should match that demand. In general the noise level is still too loud. Just because its not a designated quiet study doesnt mean people should have loud conversations about what movie someone watched or where theyre going for their next date. Signs for quiet should go up around the entire building because of exam period. People can book study rooms or they can go to the student centre if they want to group study or have discussions.

Library response: We have contacted Physical Plant about the cool temperatures and we have acquired more ear plugs.  Thanks for letting us know about these problems.  We will be exploring options for signage at exam time for next term.  Thanks for the suggestion. (Dec 17/08)
Answered by: Kathy Ball (Library Director, Science & Engineering, University Library)

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