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(Dec 9/08) During exam times, study rooms are extremely beneficial. However, I was irritated today to learn that a non-health science student cannot reserve a study room in the Health Science Library in advance, they are only offered on a first come first serve basis to students from other faculties. How is this fair when the other libraries on campus do not restrict the faculties that can reserve study rooms? As far as Im concerned, the tuition a student pays should allow them complete access to any library on campus. Nobody tells the health science students that they cant reserve a study room in Innis, Thode or Mills.

Library response:

In response to a need for more study space during the exam period, the Health Sciences Library has taken its largest group study room, HSC-1B20, off the booking schedule and has left it open for anyone to use.  In fact, the funding for the renovations to our library came from the Faculty of Health Sciences and was focused at meeting the needs for the students in this Faculty. 

Here is the response to a similar request which I posted last Febuary: 

"I do sympathize with your need for more group study rooms, especially as more programs move to an inquiry-based format. Be assure that all of the campus libraries are aware of this issue and that the plans for the renovation of Thode Library include the addition of group study rooms. In the meantime, the Health Sciences Library must address the needs of its primary student users in the Faculty who are required to meet as groups to complete their work. We continue to make the rooms available to students only and allow any group of students to use the rooms, just not to book them in advance. When more study rooms become available in Thode we will certainly reconsider this policy."

(Dec 10/08)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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