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(Nov 23/08) While I understand that theres a trend towards collaborative learning now, and thus the design of the libraries have evolved to become more group-friendly, perhaps theres a way to satisfy both group-workers and individual studiers. 1. Designate the top floor of HSL for quiet study only 2. Group work can be done within the study rooms so to not disturb students around them. Groups who arent able to book a study room in one of our libraries can benefit from other facilities on campus (e.g. MUMC Cafe, MUSC) that welcome chatter. Thanks for your consideration.

Library response: Thank you for taking the time to post your ideas.  One of the objectives when we planned the renovations to the Health Sciences Library was to zone various areas for different types of study.  Because the upper level includes the entrance, the service points, computers and large study tables it is considered to be the "Learning Commons" - noisier and group-work oriented.  The lower level is the quieter area, with the exception of the Reading Pavilion which is open to the upper level.  We realize that this does not meet everyone's needs, and balancing the desire for quiet, individual study with the small-group learning philosophy of the Faculty's educational programs is a challenge.  We are studying the use of space in the Library this term in order to get a better idea of what our patrons' needs.  (Nov 24/08)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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