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(Nov 21/08) To Whom it may concern, I am a regular at the Reading Pavilion. I really like the ambience of not only the Pavilion, but of the entire library. And I like the fact how people actually come here to study and not to catch up on their socializing. The bright lights and the comfortable temperature make the Pavilion an ideal place to study. I would like to request the authorities to make this library 24-hour accessible. Not only will it provide an inviting enviroment for the students to study in late night, but can also serve the doctors, nurses, patients and visitors of the hospital a chance to spend their nights in a useful place, be it doctors reading up on their material, or just visitors who have to spend the night with their loved ones. I believe if the Health Science Library is open 24 hours, not only will it be a welcome addition to McMasters student resources, but also provide a huge boost to the McMaster Hospitals image and facilities. Although I write this as a student, the benefits of a 24 hour Health Science Library are far and out reaching. Sincerely, An avid fan.[Written suggestion dropped in the Suggestion Box, undated]

Library response: Thank you for your compliments on our wonderful Reading Pavilion and renovated library.  We have heard from many students that they find our library conducive to their academic needs and we are certainly working hard to ensure it meets the needs of our users. Our library is in fact accessible 24 hours to clinical staff; however much of the material they require is now available electronically making use of the printed collection much less urgent. The issue is having sufficient staffing, something which the Health Sciences Library cannot presently support.  The Learning Commons in Mills and Thode Libraries are investigating 24 hour access to portions of their space and we are monitoring this closely.   (Nov 23/08)
Answered by: Liz Bayley (Director, Health Sciences Library)

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