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(Nov 18/08) Ive heard of a service offered at the University of Guelph that I feel may be embraced here by all students... Apparently, there is an individual (a staff member) at the library in Guelph whose job is to be available for students who wish their papers proofread by someone qualified to do so.. I think this would be a great addition to the library it is sometimes difficult to find a friend who is willing, or has time, to proofread. Thanks, M.Warkentin

Library response:

The library does not offer a proofreading service, but The Centre for Student Development offers a writing clinic (an academic writing development service using Peer Helpers to facilitate students in enhancing their academic writing skills).  A peer helper can look at a particular piece of writing and offer suggestions to improve the paper.  This is a free service and students can reserve appointments online through the CSD website at  You can also obtain full details on the writing clinic service at this site.  The clinic is located on the second floor of Mills Library in the Learning Commons. 

I hope you find this service useful.

(Nov 21/08)
Answered by: Lynn Schneider (Supervisor, Circulation & Collection Maintenance, Health Sciences Library)

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