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(Oct 29/08) Dear Thode You and I have been going through some hard times lately and I feel that we need to have a serious discussion. I highly enjoy your new makeover because I really like the ambiance of an expensive restaurant. However, I find that using you to find information recently has become rather difficult. Allow me to get some more things off of my chest. First and foremost, I thought we had a deal. We were going to save money together in order to grow our knowledge database and become better for each other. However, you spent our hard earned money to purchase jewelry for yourself because you felt it makes you look beautiful. The new Mac computers do look beautiful, but their beauty is only surface deep. Each time we meet, I look around and I notice that everyone boots into Windows on those Mac computers and I ask myself if our money could have been better spent on books or other structural improvements. A dell computer could have been purchased for a fraction of the price and still allowed everyone to visit facebook, youtube and WebCT as much as the new Mac computers do. The high resolution screens running XP are actually not beautiful at all; they remind me of a girl who wears too much makeup. Secondly, you are beginning to talk my ear off during times when I just want to focus on my work. You invite your friends over for chatter on the first floor and no longer appreciate the quiet time we used to have together. This was OUR time! I feel like having more friends to you is more important than spending quiet time with me and I no longer feel appreciated. The last few years were great, I learned a great deal of things from you and hopefully I contributed somehow to your life as well. However, I feel this can go no longer because I do not feel the same way about you. I feel like we have drifted apart from the things we once thought we had in common. Perhaps I am getting too old for this party lifestyle, and thus, until you grow up, I feel like I need to see other libraries. Itís not me, itís you. Yours truly, Heart Broken

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Thank you for your very creative suggestion. We'll post a response very soon!


Please see the response at the following link:

(Nov 12/08)
Answered by: Catherine Baird (Marketing, Communications and Outreach Librarian)

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