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(Oct 27/08) It would be FANTASTIC if Mills had more headphones that could be checked out. Currently, I believe there are only four! This kind of defeats the purpose of having a space for listening to music in the library. I personally dont find the earphones in the vending machine a viable option because a)Id have to BUY them B) I doubt theyd last (C Their sound quality is probably nowhere near to that of headphones. Thank you so much!

Library response: Thank you for your comment about the headphones.  You're right, we have a minimal number of headphones available for public loan.  We carried a larger number of headphones for many years, but maintenance of these items became a problem as they aged.  In addition, hygiene was a concern so the Library decided that, in order to solve the maintenance and hygiene issues, we would offer earphones for sale in the vending machine.  Several styles of headphones are available for purchase from the vending machine, so one of these may work well for you.  We find that many people prefer to bring their own personal headphones/earphones to the Library for use with the music equipment and computers, which you are welcome to do. (Oct 28/08)
Answered by: Lynn Schneider (Supervisor, Circulation & Collection Maintenance, Health Sciences Library)

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