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(Oct 12/08) I, I know...that things at Mills are now out of control. The library has become a virtual entity; it is everything else but a library. Eating and drinking are now commonplace. What a ludicrous policy!!! It is a ludicrous policy because the said allowed activities adversely impact silent study areas. I have had to suffer inconsiderate [people] who insisted on eating potato chips in the Mills. Can you imagine having to listen for 30 minutes to, not just the munching sound of the his mouth, but the sound of a repeatedly ruffled bag????? After the [person] consumed two bags of chips, he insisted on having a conversation on his cell phone. Thats when I had had enough and told him to be more considerate of others. And then the grease that is everywhere: tables, study carrells, keyboards. The keyboards are also contaminated with mouth germs from people who insist on eating their cookies while operating a computer. Maybe [you] should take a long sit and a long gander some time in the Mills and observe these actions. And the carpets. I have never seen so many large spill-stains in my life in one building. Whats next in the library? A cafeteria? A games room? [...] When you creat conditions whereby one person is allowed to distract 30 or 40, something seriously wrong with the implemented policy. [...] **some information was removed from this comment since it identified a specific individual

Library response:

Thank you very much for taking the time to write to us.  We're sorry to hear that you are upset about food being allowed in the libraries.  The feedback we've had about this issue indicates that some are extremely happy that they are allowed to eat during the hours they spend studying in the library and others are unhappy about having food in the libraries.

We encourage all library visitors to be respectful of one another and to try to keep eating noises to a minimum.  However, we've also created 'Silent Study' areas in the libraries where we ask that people do not eat any food (or use laptops or cell phones). These silent study areas are located in Mills (rooms L307-309, Innis (Silent Study Room) and Thode (3rd floor).    If someone is eating in one of these areas and bothering you, please alert a staff member.

We are making every effort to keep the library clean.  We've added extra custodial staff, tables are wiped down on a daily basis, hand sanitizer is available at service points and we do our best to keep the keyboards and carpets clean.

We're always trying to improve and appreciate your comments and ideas as to how we can do so.


(Oct 22/08)
Answered by: Catherine Baird (Marketing, Communications and Outreach Librarian)

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