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(Sep 25/08) Where have all the silent study areas gone? This IS a library! Noisy roommates make it hard to concentrate and it would really be nice to have one safe study refuge. Thank you!

Library response: Thanks for your email. We do realize how important silent study space is for many users. We have moved the silent study spaces to the 3rd floor  (L307-L309) in an attempt to remove this type of space from the busy lobby area.  We hope you enjoy this newly created space. (Sep 27/08)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

Follow-up Comments:

Hello people, I am wondering whether the very gorgeous reading pavilion in the Health Sciences Library is meant to be a quiet study zone. There seems to be confusion about this. At times it is very quiet, at other times people make no attempt to speak in whispers. Would it be possible to put up clear signage about what the noise/silence level is meant to be? Thank you for your time and for your response. (2008-10-02)

REPLY: The Heersink Reading Pavilion in the Health Sciences Library is not a silent study area. In fact, it is part of the upper floor Learning Commons, which is why there are glass doors on the lower level and an open balcony to the upper level. The silent study area is towards the back of the library, is clearly labeled, and has a sign indicating no conversation or cell phone use. There is also white noise in this section. We started a campaign this fall to remind our users to be respectful of the shared space, which includes a number of points specifically around noise levels. Staff have commited to helping to enforce our regulations, so if you find that people arent respecting the silent study area rules, please let a member of the library staff know. Liz Bayley, Director, Health Sciences Library (2008-10-02) (2008-10-15)

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