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(Sep 25/08) It is unfortunate that the efforts to make the libraries more accessible have gone too far. This is my sixth year at Mac, and I have seen a steady degeneration of Mills, especially. Facebook, chatting, obnoxious types of food are welcome in all other buildings on campus, but are extremely distracting in a library. The few quiet rooms are seldom respected, and proper signage is often missing. There is a need for silent, individual-geared workspaces, and if a library cannot provide it, many students suffer. Perhaps a silent floor (tucked away such as the already seldom used 6th floor) and clear signs and enforcement will help. Thank you.

Library response: Thanks for your email. We do realize there is a need for silent study space and recently have created a new area on the 3rd floor of Mills (L307-L309) to meet this need, away from the busy lobby area. These rooms are now signed appropriately and we will work with everyone to help keep them quiet. As we continue to repurpose our study spaces we will keep the need for more quiet study areas in mind. (Sep 27/08)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)

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