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(Jun 18/08) Hi, I just wanted to make a suggestion for more headphones. Currently, there are very few and each headphone is signed out for long hours so others do not have the opportunity to use them. So, more headphones please! Thankyou

Library response: Thank you for your comment.  Our headphones we have for public loans have a couple of issues with them.  One is of public hygiene and the other is the expense of repairs/replacement.  So, we have provided access, through the vending machine on the 2nd floor in the McLay room of the Learning Commons, to several different styles of headphones for you to select from to purchase.  This way hygiene is not an issue and you can select the style of headphone you would prefer. (Jul 8/08)
Answered by: Donna Millard (Director, Library Services, Social Sciences and Humanities)

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