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(Nov 18/18) Hi! I have noticed that all other libraries have somewhere to report loud noise in quiet spaces. The health science library does not have this option. I find that the group study rooms near the silent study space do not have very good noise cancelling abilities and groups are often very very loud while they are using them. I was wondering why the health science library does not have a noise reporting system like the other libraries do.

Library response:

Thanks for your feedback. The library serves multiple purposes and sometimes they are at odds with each other. Though it is not ideal to have group study rooms in close proximity to the silent study space, this was necessary due to the limited space. Sometimes groups in the study rooms are not aware that their voices carry outside.  The walls tend to give a false impression that they are good sound barriers which, as you have noted, they are not.  Signs are posted inside the Group Study rooms reminding students to keep the noise level down and staff regularly walk around the library monitoring the space.  I will ask staff to increase their vigilance to help educate those not observing the use of space, especially leading up to exam time.  Please inform staff at the Service Desk when noise levels become an issue so it can be addressed in the moment.  If you are comfortable doing so, you may wish to speak to the groups in the rooms.  Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient resources to implement an online noise reporting system similar to the other campus libraries, though we appreciate the suggestion.

(Nov 19/18)
Answered by: Neera Bhatnagar (Head of Systems & Public Services, Health Sciences Library)