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(Jul 6/18) My name is Dustin Burlet and I am a PhD student at McMaster Divinity College (Old Testament). I have received your email via your business card that was given to me by Kim at the McMaster Mills Library here at McMaster University. I expressed to Kim my concern about the BS section of the library on the fifth floor, in particular, the moveable stacks and the high degree of usage that that section receives. I voiced a desire to see if it might be possible to put these items in a non-moveable stack section of the library and Kim informed me that you, Anne, were the person to speak to with respect to this matter, hence this email. I wonder Anne, what might possibly be able to be done to help to facilitate a change in this area. I do not wish to petition the library, nor do I wish to start a campaign or a flood of emails and such. I only wish to know what possibly might be able to be done to begin (and expedite) the process of transferring the BS items on the fifth floor to a non-moveable stack section. Thank you very much for reading this email Anne and for any consideration that you might give to this request. Have a great day, Sincerely and with respect, Dustin Burlet

Library response:

Good morning Dustin - I believe I have addressed this issue via email with you directly, but am happy to post the response here as well. Anne

We understand that the books in the religion call number ranges are well used compared to many othother areas of the library, and we're glad that this collection is active. Currently, we're not able to relocate the religion call number ranges without disrupting the flow of the stacks floors, which would make them even more difficult for users to navigate. We are working internally to develop ways to make our print collections more welcoming and engaging for users. We may also have some opportunity to re-arrange the stacks in the future, but the collections spaces are just too tight to permit this at the present time

I do want to make sure you are aware of our new virtual shelf browse feature which is available via the catalogue: Search/browse by call number. Here you can browse the books in a call number range, then if you wish to use one of them click the Request button and our staff will retrieve the items and bring them to the main floor service desk area for you. If you need only a single chapter, you can also request this via the catalogue, and Library Services staff will scan and send it to you electronically.

We appreciate your patience as we work through various collections related issues in the library.

(Jul 6/18)
Answered by: Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services)