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(May 6/18) Can the female student working at the desk on the weekends please try to keep her volume down? She can be heard by everyone on the second floor and when approached about this issue, she is very apologetic and remorseful but still continues to do it after 30 minutes or so have passed. Please, I love HSL and this employee is making it hard for me to focus.

Library response:

Thank you for the feedback. We are happy that you like the space and hope you will continue to love HSL.  We will remind our service desk staff to be mindful of their volume level when assisting patrons or speaking to colleagues.  Also note that there are designed silent study spaces in the library which you may wish to consider.  They are the individual study carrels on the lower level. Please contact me should you continue to have concerns.

(May 7/18)
Answered by: Neera Bhatnagar (Head of Systems & Public Services, Health Sciences Library)