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(Mar 23/18) I came into Health Sciences library with my broken laptop about two weeks ago and asked if I could borrow a mouse from either the library or take one from the computers. However, [one of the student library assistants] told me I could do neither. I was pretty upset, not at the library just at my self but then he proceeded to give me his personal mouse just to use, which I thought was AMAZING and I was able to work on my major thesis project rather than go home. I forgot to thank him but please let him know I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and he really saved my day. It is the little things that count.

Library response:

Thank you for the kind words. We will let our student library assistant know that you appreciate his help. We have a few extra computer mouses stored in the back of the library. I'm going to make sure the student workers have a few on hand just in case another person has a similar request in the future.

(Mar 26/18)
Answered by: Jennifer McKinnell (Director, Health Sciences Library)