T able of C ontents




V olume I: 1540-1703
(Volume I is not available in digital form)

Chapter 1:
The First Maps of the New World
Chapter 2:
Maps from the Early Exploration of the Arctic
Chapter 3:
The Early 17th Century Maps
Chapter 4:
Seventeenth Century Maps of Arctic Canada
Chapter 5:
The Jesuit Influence on Canadian Cartography
Chapter 6:
The 17th Century Dutch Charts of the Maritimes
Chapter 7:
The 17th Century Dutch Charts of Hudson Bay and Arctic Canada
Chapter 8:
English Maritime Charts of the 17th & Early 18th Centuries
Chapter 9:
Miniature Atlases of the Late 17th Century
Chapter 10:
The Maps by De Fer, Mortier and Lahontan
Chapter 11:
Del'Isle, Mortier and Visscher


V olume II: 1703-1799

Chapter 1: Maps of the Whole of Canada
Chapter 2: Maps of the Arctic
Chapter 3: Maps of Newfoundland
Chapter 4: Maps of the Gulf of St. Lawrence
Chapter 5: Maps & Charts of the St. Lawrence River


V olume III: 1703-1799

Chapter 1: Maps of Eastern Canada & Newfoundland
Chapter 2: Maps of Maritime Canada
Chapter 3: Maps of Nova Scotia
Chapter 4: Maps of Halifax
Chapter 5: Maps of Prince Edward Island and Sable Island
Chapter 6: Maps of Cape Breton
Chapter 7: Maps of Louisbourg
Chapter 8: Maps of the Great Lakes


V olume IV: 1703-1799

Chapter 1: Maps of the Province of Quebec
Chapter 2: The Siege of Quebec
Chapter 3: Quebec City
Chapter 4: Plans of Montreal
Chapter 5: West Coast Cartography - Müller's Map and Its Derivatives
Chapter 6: West Coast Cartography - Cook's Charts and Their Derivatives
Chapter 7: West Coast Cartography - The Queen Charlotte Islands & Vancouver Island
Chapter 8: The Apocryphal De Fonte Maps




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