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Access to these resources is freely available to any user worldwide.

McMaster graduate theses [Note that some recent McMaster graduate theses returned by these searches may be temporarily unavailable due to author-imposed embargoes. Embargoes are not normally longer than 12 months from the date of submission.] Online, licensed

Access to these resources is limited to current McMaster students, faculty, and staff, or to on-site visitors in the McMaster libraries. For those not in the McMaster area, many other university libraries also provide these resources to their institution and for on-site use by members of their local community.

Archives in the William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections

The William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections has extensive holdings of primary source materials relating to the Second World War, the Holocaust, and underground resistance movements in several European countries. Detailed information about the collections is available on the Division’s website or in its archival description database.

Book and Publication Collections in the University Library

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External Resources

Sites with significant online content for education or research, or that hold significant collections which can be searched online.