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The LexisNexis link searches all the Hoover's sources noted in the description below simultaneously. The Hoover's industry snapshots are only available in LexisNexis Academic. To limit your search to specific Hoover's sources ...

  1. go to LexisNexis Academic
  2. click the Find option next to the Source Directory (top right)
  3. type Hoovers in the Keyword box
  4. click the Find Sources button
  5. in the resulting list, tick the box next to the desired Hoover's source(s)
  6. click the OK-Continue button 
  7. Hoover's ...  should now appear as a source(s) below the Enter Search Terms box
  8. type in your search word(s) (i.e., company name) and click the Search button

Hoover's provides management and financial information on over 50,000 public and private companies in the United States and around the world. International coverage tends to focus on larger companies whose stock trades on a U.S. exchange or those that have extensive operations in the U.S.

  • Hoover's Company Records (basic & indepth) can include overviews and histories, up to 10 years of key financial and employment data, lists of products and key competitors, names of key officers, and more. 
  • Hoover's IPO Reports covers companies from the time they file their registration through their first year of being a public company. It includes filing date, expected IPO date, expected pricing range, number of shares offered, offering amount dollars, share price, company name, ticker symbol, company exchange, company description, top officer, contact information, lead underwriters, and aftermarket performance 
  • Hoover's Industry Snapshots include an industry overview, the top companies in the industry, associations and organizations, and key people. 
Publisher:Hoover's Inc. | Dun and Bradstreet Inc. | D&B | D & B
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