Strategic Initiatives, 2017-2018

# Initiative Description
1 Digitization Support broad access to McMaster's unique collections through the establishment of a robust and sustainable digitization program. During 2017/18, the project will focus on identifying equipment and staffing requirements, identifying targets for digitization, exploring grant opportunities.
2 Downsview Shared Preservation Facility Work with four other universities (Toronto, Western, Queens and Ottawa) to build a shared preservation facility for low-use materials at the UTL Downsview location. During 2017/18, the project will focus on operationalizing the processes in Sierra and identifying priorities for transferring materials to Downsview.
3 Hamilton Public Library Job Secondment Create enriching opportunities for library staff to develop new skills and further their professional development by launching the McMaster / Hamlton Public Library job secondment opportunity.
4 Library Master Space Plan Identify and pursue funding opportunities for major gifts. Explore grant opportunities. During 2017/18, the project will focus on the renovation of 88 Forsythe, the new home of the Bertrand Russell Archives and the Bertrand Russell Research Centre; relocating and renovating several staff areas in Mills, exploring opportunities to renovate additional space on the lower level of Thode Library.
5 MakerSpace Develop and launch a rich set of services and programs. Add new equipment, based on student feedback. Seek out funding for Phase 2. Embed the MakerSpace into the Larger Forge network.
6 McMaster Experts Create an attractive and appropriately branded interface in preparation for a public launch. Raise faculty awareness of the value of maintaining an active research portfolio and assisting them in doing so using a variety of automated and semi-automated tools. Develop a sustainable model and create documentation to facilitate support needs as well as to outline future development and integration potential.
7 Open Educational Resources (OER) Take a lead role in building understanding and raising awareness of the advantages of using OERs (educational materials that are free to use and reuse without charge). A special focus will be put this year on free (open) textbooks.
8 ORCID ID Introduce and promote ORCID IDs to help McMaster authors accurately and easily track their work. ORCID IDs are unique identifiers which help differentiate authors with similar names.
9 Print Monograph Collection Updating & Assessment Implement two connected services, an OCLC holdings reclamation for the University Library's physical collections and an analysis of our print monograph collection by Sustainable Collection Services (SCS). During the 2017/18 year, we will begin with a holdings reclamation project with OCLC to add or update records documenting the Library's collection in WorldCat, as well as receiving updated records for loading to the Library Catalogue.
10 Research Data Assume a lead role in developing research data management infrastructure and promoting a culture of data stewardship at McMaster. Collaborate with campus groups (e.g. MacData, ROADS, RHPCS, URC) and national programs (such as the Canadian Association of Research Libraries’ Portage project) to ensure that appropriate resources and training are available for researchers, administrators and support staff.
11 Russell Collection Build on and promote access to the Bertrand Russell Archives, one of McMaster's most significant cultural assets, on the 50th anniversary of the Library's acquisition. During 2017/18, the project will focus on the opening of the new space at 88 Forsythe, the welcoming of the the Bertrand Russell Society, the publication of the poetry book, the release of the special edition of teh Hamilton Arts & Letters dedicated to Russell.
12 Staff Learning & Development Raise awareness of existing learning and development opportunities available on campus. Survey managers and staf to identify key opportunities.
13 Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report: University Library Response A variety of initiatives. Engage library staff in a series of conversations about the TRC Calls to Action. Explore opportunities for future collaborative digitization projects. Work with campus colleagues to deliver professional development opportunities to library staff.
14 Website Redesign Analyze, improve and enhance the Library's website and other public web interfaces based on extensive user feedback, traffic analysis, and usability testing.  Deliver a library web presence, in collaboration with Media Production Services, that supports the Library's vision, mission and strategic directions.