Find Market Share

Market share is ...

  • the percentage (or portion) of sales of a product, company or brand in a given region or country
  • used by companies to determine their competitive strength as compared with other companies in the same sector or industry
  • used by companies to review their competitive performance from year to year
  • not always readily available - it often has to be pieced together from information found in a variety of sources (e.g., newspaper & magazine articles, industry & company reports, web pages, personal contacts, etc.)

Search Tips

  • do a simple keyword search in a source by typing the name of your company, brand, product, service or industry with the word "market share"; examples:
    • "canadian tire" and "market share" 
    • iPad and "market share"
    • beer and "market share"
    • telecommunications and "market share"
    • mining and "market share"
  • try using search words that have a similar meaning to market share; examples:
    • restaurants and "brand share"
    • top automobile manufacturers
    • "key players" and "sporting goods"
  • if looking for market share for a specific country or region, make sure to include the name of that country or region in your search; example:
    • wine and "market share" and canada

Market Share Sources

  • The following are suggested resources where you might find market share information.
  • Best Bets! are marked with a Best Bet!
Source Date coverage Description
McMaster Users OnlyBusiness Premium Collection 1850s to current, but varies by database Contains scholarly journals, newspapers, trade publications, company profiles & industry reports, all of which might include market share data. Worldwide coverage.
Best Bet!McMaster Users Only Business Source Premier Varies by title Contains scholarly business journals, market research reports, and industry & company profiles, all of which might include market share information. Worldwide coverage.
McMaster Users OnlyCanadian Business Database Current NOTE: This source does not contain market share data, but you may be able to calculate a very rough estimate using the company sales provided in this source. For instructions, see: Calculating Market Share Using Canadian Business Database
Company Annual Reports Varies by company Market share is sometimes discussed in a publicly traded company’s annual accessSEDAR and McMaster Users OnlyMergent Online are two of the best sources for annual reports.
McMaster Users OnlyDBRS 2001 to current Canadian market share is sometimes mentioned in the Industry Studies. 
Global Market Share Planner. Vol. 1, Market Share Tracker
2001 & 2002 Location: INNIS Bookstacks HD 2757.15 .G56 2003
Provides international coverage of market share rankings for over 4,500 companies organized by world, region, and country and sector market share rankings.
Global Market Share Planner. Vol. 4, Major Market Share Companies: Americas 1997 to 2002 Location: INNIS Bookstacks HD 2757.15 .G564 2004
Provides information on brand ownership and market share for leading companies that operate in North America and Latin America.
Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyIBISWorld Current Contains company market share for hundreds of U.S., Canadian and global industries. Market share information is typically included in the Industry at a Glance, Competitive Landscape and Major Companies or Key Competitors sections of the industry reports. 
Best Bet!Market Share Reporter 1991 to current Location: INNIS Reference HF 5410 .M35 (previous editions in INNIS Bookstacks)
Contains market share data on companies, products and services worldwide. If searching for information specific to a certain geographacial area, make sure that country, region, city, etc. appears in the table title. NOTE: Prior to 2002, this title includes North American coverage only.
Market Share Tracker
2001-2002 Location: INNIS Reference HD 2757.15. G56 2003
Provides market share data for top companies in each sector in 2001/2002. Identifies leading 5,200 companies worldwide.
open accessMarketing Charts Current Contains statistics, charts and articles on the top players within a specific category such as automotive, retail, entertainment, advertising and more.
Best Bet!News Sources Varies by title Sometimes news articles provide market share information. McMaster Users OnlyFactiva, McMaster Users OnlyLexisNexis and open accessGoogle News are some of  the best sources for news.
Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyPassport  2000's to current Market share information is generally included in the Category Data section of industry reports. Worldwide coverage.
McMaster Users OnlyThomson ONE 1982 to current Contains analyst reports on companies and industries worldwide. Some reports will include market share information. 
World Market Share Reporter 1997 to 2002 Location: INNIS Bookstacks HD 2757.15 .W67
Contains market share data on companies, products and services worldwide. Absorbed by Market Share Reporter in 2002.

 Last Reviewed: August 18, 2017