Media Consultations @ Lyons New Media Centre

Media Consultations @ Lyons New Media Centre

What To Expect

Sometimes, you just need to get past a small hurdle. And sometimes, you need help just getting started. That’s what our media consultants are here to help with.

Media consultants at Lyons will do their best to help get you started on your project, learn how to use a new tool in our media creation software, or help find the answers to your media creation problems.

This isn’t a media creation service, to be clear. The consultants are here to assist your learning process, whether it’s help figuring out what selection tool is best in Photoshop, or what a storyboarding process looks like.

About Our Media Consultants

Kelly, Library Media Specialist

One of our media consultants is Kelly Penfold, Library Media Specialist at Lyons. She’s familiar with a variety of media creation software, including:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Camtasia
  • Powerpoint & Google Slides
  • Cura (for prepping 3D objects for printing)
  • Adobe Spark (basic)
  • GIMP (basic)
  • iMovie (not available in Lyons)

What Kelly Can Help You Learn

Kelly Penfold

  • Creating digital graphics, creating a graphic from a photo, etc.
  • Basic photo editing
  • Screen capturing
  • Basic video editing 
  • Closed and/or open caption creation
  • Uploading caption files to YouTube
  • Prepping your 3D object for printing at Lyons
  • Advertisement formatting/design for Library & campus digital monitors

Additional assistance may become available in the near future.

Booking an Appointment with Kelly

Media consultations with Kelly need to be booked in advance. You may receive an email requesting further details of the consultation request.

IMPORTANT: When it is time for your booking, approach the person at the Lyons Help Desk (in the middle of the Centre by the video wall -- look for the green and black sign that says "Help" above the desk) and inform them of your appointment with Kelly. They will ask her to come to you.