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Since opening in September 2010, the Lyons New Media Centre has been involved in and run several different types of events, either in conjunction with other groups and departments or on its own. Some of these events have become reoccurring features year after year.

Occasionally, other groups on campus run their events in Lyons, too.

Interested in hosting an event in Lyons, use the video wall for an event, etc? Fill this form out and we'll get back to you!

McMaster University 24 Hour Film Fest

McMaster University 24 Hour Film Fest (aka M24)

Taking a cue from the highly successful Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival, the Lyons New Media Centre's first ever McMaster University 24 Hour Film Fest happened in the fall of 2012. It was so successful that it has officially become an annual event.

Participation is open to staff, students and faculty members of McMaster, as well as McMaster Alumni and local high school students.

Contestants register online leading up to the kick-off event. Once at the kick-off event (held in Lyons), they receive all of their release forms, as well as three crucial components or ingredients that all the films must have worked into them somehow:

  • a prop
  • a location
  • a line of dialogue

These ingredients are not chosen until they are pulled out of an envelope (randomly) at the kick-off event. Once these are announced and participants are released from the event, they have exactly 24 hours to script, film and produce a 5-minute video. Submissions received after the 24 hour period are not considered as part of the competition, but are often shown during the intermission at the gala event which is typically held a week or two after the kick-off event, at an off-site location. The gala was held at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in 2013, as an example.

The films are pre-screened and the best are selected to be shown at the gala event. Judges at the event offer live commentaries at the end of each video and at the end of this process, an intermission allows for the judges to make their decisions on the first, second and third prize winners. In the meantime, the audience is asked to participate in choosing the audience choice prize winner and ballots are collected as the judges confer.

The films are generally nothing short of pretty amazing and certainly entertaining. Some are hilariously funny, while others are deep and thoughtful; and even others are terrifying. The genres and topics cover wide ground and everyone seems to have a good time, whether or not their group wins.

Lyons New Media Centre's annual Halloween Fun Week

Halloween Fun Week 

Every year, Lyons staff celebrate Halloween. If Halloween falls on any day other than Monday, the entire week leading up to the day is used for these festivities.

The ghoulish decorations come out and both full time and student employees work almost feverishly to create some fun Halloween-themed displays (both digital and physical).

And of course, what would Halloween be without candy and costumes? Staff get dressed up in costumes on October 31st and candy is given out to anyone who'd like some at the Help Desk that day. (Usually, anyone coming in costume gets a little extra!)