Does the library hire student assistants or others? How do I get a job in the library?

Does the library hire student assistants? How do I get a job in the library?

Student Jobs

All students who work in the libraries have to qualify for the Ontario Work-Study Program. Information about this is on their website. The site also has information about the International Students' Work-Study Program.

All library and other campus student job postings are handled through Career Services in Gilmour Hall, Room GH110. Check the Career Services website (once you enter, click on "OSCAR"). This site will give you access to a comprehensive on-line listing of available employment, which is updated on a regular basis.

Other Jobs

Library jobs are posted on the Working at McMaster Career Opportunities website. Once you enter, click on "Careers @ McMaster".  Create a new account, if necessary, by clicking on the "Create an Account" link. You can then apply for a position.