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  • Below is a listing of all the Business Ph.D. theses completed at McMaster University (1984 to the present).
  • The theses are organized into six fields of study: accounting & finance, health policy & management, information systems, management of organizational behaviour & human resources, management science and marketing.
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Theses: Accounting & Finance [15]

Year Author Thesis Title
2017 Hao, Luo (Arthur) open accessThree essays in pricing asset characteristics
2017 Liu, Jia open accessAdvancing financial market volatility measurement and forecasting
2017 Liu, Yi open accessThree essays in bank financial reporting
2017 Miele, Jennifer open accessThree essays in behavioral and corporate finance
2016 Shahriari, Hesam open accessThree essays in industrial organization, law and finance
2016 Stivers, Adam open accessThree essays on predicting the equity premium and asset return
2016 Zhang, Yue open accessThree essays on financial markets
2015 Lei, Jin open accessEssays in corporate finance and behavioural finance
2015 Ma, Jacky (Zhe) open accessThree essays on exchange traded funds and emerging markets
2015 Zhang, Chuanqian  open accessThree essays in corporate investment and financing
2014 Carrothers, Andrew open accessThree essays in corporate governance
2014 Chen, Donghui open accessThree essays on financial distress and corporate bankruptcy
2013 Chen, Liqiang (Danny) open accessThree essays on bank lending and corporate finance
2013 Khokhar, Abdul Rahman open accessThree essays in empirical corporate finance
2012 Butt, Umar open accessThree essays in corporate finance

Theses: Health Policy & Management [1]

Year Author Thesis Title
2017 Embrett, Mark open accessDeveloping a better understanding of resource withdrawal from medical services through examination of its characteristics, government policies and an initiative

Theses: Information Systems [45]

Year Author Thesis Title
2017 Abouzahra, Mohamed  open accessExploring the continuous use of knowledge-based clinical decision support systems and its relationship with knowledge transition
2016 Dohan, Michael open accessThe importance of Healthcare Informatics Competencies (HICs) for service innovation in paramedicine: a mixed-methods investigation
2016 Owen, Kenneth open accessMotivation and demotivation of hackers in the selection of a hacking task – a contextual approach
2015 Aria, Reza open accessThe role of support and sustainability elements in the adoption of a self-management support system for chronic illnesses 
2015 Zhiling, Tu open accessEffective information security management: a critical success factors analysis
2014 Camacho, Sonia open accessCyberbullying impacts on users’ satisfaction with information and communication technologies: the role of perceived cyberbullying severity
2014 Gilbert, John open accessConsumer identity theft prevention and identity fraud detection behaviours:  an application of the theories of planned behaviour and protection motivation
2014 Mojdeh, Sana open accessUnderstanding knowledge sharing in web 2.0 online communities: a socio- technical study
2014 Saremi, Hamed Qahri open accessAn elaboration likelihood model perspective on the effectiveness of electronic word of mouth recommendations
2014 Sepehr, Sepandar  open accessUnderstanding the role of competition in video gameplay satisfaction
2013 Assadi, Vahid open accessAdoption of integrated personal health record systems: a self-determination theory perspective 
2013 Daglish, David open accessElectronic personal health records: a matter of trust
2013 Laugesen, John open accessAdoption of electronic personal health records by chronic disease patients: integrating protection motivation theory and task-technology fit
2013 Pittaway, Jeffrey open accessDynamic IT capabilities and IT governance: theory development and empirical examination
2013 Way, Steven  open accessRequirements analysis for a context-aware multi-agency emergency response system
2011 Booker, Lorne open accessInformation literacy instruction in business schools: factors affecting the adoption of online library resources by business students
2011 Fevrier-Thomas, Urslin open accessElectronic medical records interface design considerations for improving outcomes for diabetes management in primary care: a usability study
2011 Wagner, Nicole open accessThe impact of age on Web site usability
2010 Guo, Ken Huijin open accessInformation systems security misbehavior in the workplace: the effects of job performance expectation and workgroup norm
2010 Ruhi, Mohammad Umar open accessSocio-technical determinants of member participation in virtual communities: an exploratory mixed methods investigation 
2010 Xiang, Junlian open accessBusiness process redesign project implementation and outcomes -- a proposed model and its validation
2010 Zhao, Li open accessSharing knowledge in virtual communities: factors affecting a member’s intention to share
2009 Breward, Michael open accessFactors influencing consumer attitudes towards biometric identity authentication technology within the Canadian banking industry
2007 Cocosila, Mihail open accessUser acceptance of wireless text messaging in telehealth: a case for adherence
2007 Harold, Allan open accessThe impact of information seeking mode and web atmospherics on consumer perceived value and interaction with web sites
2007 Turel, Ofir McMaster Users OnlyPredictors of disputants' intentions to use online dispute resolution services: the roles of justice and trust
2007 Zheng, Wuping McMaster Users OnlyThe nature of mobile work and the needs for mobile work technology support: a task-technology fit perspective
2006 Bliemel, Michael open accessConsumer satisfaction with online health information: a theoretical model and an empirical study
2006 Coursaris, Constantinos open accessContextual usability: the impact of distractions and expectations on performance, satisfication and adoption of mobile devices for wireless data services 
2005 Bhandari, Gokul open accessIncorporating cognitive support in investment DSS
2005 Serenko, Alexander open accessUser adoption of interface agents for email
2005 Wang, Shan open accessBuyer-supplier relationships and the adoption of business to business electronic marketplaces
2004 McLaren, Tim open accessInformation system capabilities and emergent competitive strategies: an investigation of the strategic fit of supply chain management information systems
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 38.5.M397 2004
2004 Wang, Fang open accessElectronic retailing: an analysis of Web impacts and relationship marketing opportunities
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HF 5415.55 .W36 2004
2003 Li, Xiaoqing open accessAgent based buddy finding methodology for knowledge sharing
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 30.2.L52 2003
2003 Sproule, Susan open accessSoftware agents in electronic commerce: a decision support systems approach
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks QA 76.76.I58S67 2003
2002 Copertari, Luis F. open accessTime, cost and performance tradeoffs in project management
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 69 .P75C67 2002
1998 Ghasemzadeh, Fereidoun open accessProject portfolio selection : a decision support approach
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 69. P75G53 1998
1997 Head, Milena M. open accessUser interface features : facilitating information access and decision making
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks QA 76.9.U83H43 1997
1997 Suarga, Suarga open accessDesign and implementation of collective bargaining support system (CBSS) : a web-based negotiation support system
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 6971.5.S83 1997
1995 Gupta, Kalyan Moy open accessA framework for the design and development of diagnostic case-based reasoning systems
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 30.213 .G86 1995
1992 Kao, Diana open accessAbstraction in conceptual model design
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 30.29 .K36 1992
1992 Murphy, Michael John open accessA framework for testing the learning of cognition-based human-computer interfaces
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks QA 76.9.U83M87 1992
1990 Wang, Shouhong open accessNeural network techniques in managerial pattern recognition 
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks T 57.5 .W36 1990
1989 Dececchi, Tom open accessA four factor model for the selection of a systems development approach
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks T 58.62.D39 1989

Theses: Management of Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources [35]

Year Author Thesis Title
2017 Chiu, Raymond Beliefs that matter: workplace religiousness and spirituality across cultures [embargoed until Sept. 29, 2018]
2017 Zeng, Zhaocheng (Elly) open accessA systematic analysis of entrepreneurial learning: practice and effects
2016 Tabatabaei, Mir Hossein open accessPoverty, stress, and happiness: examining the moderating role of psychological capital on the relation between poverty and happiness among farmers and fish farmers in Ghana
2015 Wang, Chun-Hsiao (Darren) open accessCan high performance work systems transfer organizational citizenship behavior from a discretionary to a sustainable advantage? The questions of how, why, and when 
2015 Zadeh, Farimah Hakem  open accessEvidence based management: theory, model, test, template
2015 Zanhour, Mona open accessOrganizational work-family resources, role overload and the work-family interface: the mediating role of balance self-efficacy
2014 Skowronski, Mark open accessWork stress in the context of shiftwork: a longitudinal investigation
2013 Chowhan, James open accessHigh performance work systems: a causal framework of training, innovation, and organizational performance in Canada
2013 McNally, Jeff open accessExamining the consequences of employee perceptions of the employee-organization relationship
2013 Tuer, Frances
2012 Martin, Bruce open accessEntrepreneurship as a means of improving the social and economic conditions of persons with disabilities
2011 Bedi, Akanksha open accessWe appreciate your business, not your abuse: incivility by customers predicts revenge toward customers 
2011 Mirowska, Agata open accessCharacter at work: a virtues approach to creativity and emotion regulation
2011 Wang, Gordon (Qi) open accessA conceptual and empirical investigation of leader virtues and virtuous leadership
2011 Wilkin (nee Austin), Christa open accessThe green-eyed monster strikes back: moderators and mediators of distributive justice and theft
2010 Celani, Anthony open accessAntecedents and consequences of collectivistic group norms
2010 Yousofpourfard, Haniyeh open accessCultural intelligence: a new approach to manage teamwork in culturally diverse teams 
2009 Ababneh, Khaldoun open accessThe role of attribution and fairness in understanding job applicant reactions to selection procedures and decisions
2009 Kuzmenko, Tetyana open accessThe effects of transformational and transactional leadership on individual creative performance: role of follower's motivation, identity and self-esteem
2009 Richards, David open accessIndividual differences and leader-subordinate relationships: examining the relations between individual attachment, emotion regulation, leader-member exchange, and employee behaviour 
2007 Chhinzer, Nita Navpreet open accessEvaluating layoff techniques: a policy-capturing study of voluntary versus involuntary layoffs
2007 Jiao, Changquan open accessThe effects of leader-member exchange on employee conceptualizations and displays of organizational citizenship behaviour: a mediational model
2006 Cooke, Gordon open accessThe nature and incidence of non-standard work arrangements
2006 Lillevik, Waheeda open accessIndividual differences in group interaction behaviour: cultural differences in the exhibition of organizational citizenship behaviours
2006 Zhang, Haiyan open accessAntecedents and consequences of organizational justice: an investigation in China
2005 Ng, Eddy Su-Whay open accessEmployment equity and organizational diversity performance: the role of CEOs' characteristics and commitment
2005 Sears, Greg open accessThe dispositional antecedents of leader-member exchange and organizational citizenship behaviours: a process perspective
2003 Al-Waqfi, Mohammed open accessThe effects of a skill-based pay systems on employee organizational commitment and role orientations
2002 Zinni, Deborah M. open accessParticipation decisions by local union members: the theory of planned behavior and personality
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 6490.P78Z55 2002
2001 Lapierre, Laurent open accessUnderstanding the links between work commitment constructs
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HF 5549.5.J63L37 2001
1999 Romaine, Janet open accessThe influence of organizational culture and gender salience on managers' decision-making styles
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 30.23.R66 1999
1998 Singh, Parbudyal open accessThe effects of firm strategy on the level and structure of CEO compensation : evidence from the Canadian metal mining industry
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 4965.5.C3S55 1998
1997 Hausdorf, Peter Alexander open accessUnderstanding the impact of pre-interview information on the reliability, validity, accuracy and differential validity of employment interview decisions: comparisons across interview question type, rating scale and scoring protocols
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HF 5549.5.I6H38 1997
1997 Kichuk, Susan open accessThe effect of general cognitive ability, teamwork KSA's, and the "Big Five" personality factors on the performance of engineering design teams: implications for the selection of teams
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 66.K53 1996
1997 Taggar, Simon open accessPersonality, cognitive ability and behaviour : the antecedents of effective autonomous work teams
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 66.T34 1997

Theses: Management Science [36]

Year Author Thesis Title
2017 Yao, Sophia (Liufang) open accessThree essays on product recall decision optimization
2016 Tajbakhsh, Alireza open accessSustainability in supply chains: models and metrics
2016 Golmohammadi, Amirmohsen  open accessModels for managing supply and demand uncertainties in supply chains 
2015 Guo, Hangfei open accessOptimal ordering decision and incentives for yield improvement under random demand
2015 Taghavi, Majid open accessMulti-stage stochastic capacity expansion: models and algorithms
2014 Bakhtiari, Behrouz  open accessGame theoretical models of competition in time-sensitive markets
2014 Mahaboob, Mohamed  open accessStochastic inventory models for dual channel retailers
2013 Qian, Jianbo open accessLearning effect, time-dependent processing time and bicriteria scheduling problems in a supply chain
2012 Wu, Sandy (Huyu) open accessContributions to reverse logistics with game theoretic applications
2010 Zhang, Rui open accessSupply chain scheduling with delivery costs 
2009 Cakir, Ozan open accessFormulations and exact solution methods for a class of continous covering problems
2009 Surti, Chirag open accessPricing and inventory models for a retailer
2008 Gajpal, Yuvraj open accessAlgorithms for vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery
2007 Song, Jingpu open accessGame theoretic revenue management models for hotel room inventory control
2006 Selvarajah, Esaignani open accessBatch scheduling in supply chains
2005 Leng, Mingming open accessCompetition and cooperation in supply chains: game-theoretic models
2004 Xue, Zhihui open accessShop scheduling in manufacturing systems: algorithms and complexity
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks TS 157.5.X84 2004
2004 Younies, Hassan Zeidan open accessPlanar maximal covering location problem under different block norms
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 58.Y68 2004
2001 Denton, Brian T. open accessStochastic optimization models for service and manufacturing industry
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 30.25 .D46 2001
1999 Stephenson, Paul A. open accessNew dominance orders for scheduling problems
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks TS 157.5.S74 1999
1999 Üster, Halit open accessWeighted sum of order p and minisum location models
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HE 147.7.U88 1999
1997 Sparling, David Hamilton open accessTopics in u-line balancing
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks TS 178.5.S63 1997
1997 Yesilkokcen, Gulcan Naile open accessSupply connected location-allocation problem
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 58 .Y47 1997
1996 Cetinkaya, Sila open accessMyopic policies for inventory control
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks TS 160.C45 1996
1996 Günalay, Yavuz open accessState dependent server scheduling rules in polling systems
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks T 57.9.G85 1996
1995 Chen, Jiang open accessLot streaming schedules in flow shops
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks TS 157.5.C44 1995
1994 Steiner, Stefan Hans open accessQuality control and improvement based on grouped data
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks TS 156.S85 1994
1992 Cho, Danny I. open accessAnalyses of optimal policies for dynamic inventory and maintenance systems
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks TS 160 .C46 1992
1992 Yeomans, Julian Scott open accessOptimal level schedules for mixed-model, Just-in-Time assembly systems
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 9720.5.Y46 1992
1991 Banks, William James open accessNew solution algorithms for the classification problem
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks QA 278.65.B36 1991
1991 Walker, John Hugh open accessAn empirical study of round and block norms for modelling actual distances
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks G 109.W35 1991
1991 Wang, Qinan open accessGame theory models and their applications in some inventory control and new product management problems
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks QA 269.W37 1991
1989 Brimberg, Jack open accessProperties of distance functions and minisum location models 
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks TA 342 .B75
1988 Buchanan, David John open accessInteractive computer graphical approaches to some maximin and minimax location problems
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 58 .B8
1985 Dowling, Paul Douglas open accessBounding methods for facilities location problems 
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks HD 58 .D68
1984 Kumar, Kuldeep open accessParticipant values in systems development
hard-copy INNIS Bookstacks T 58.6 .K85

Theses: Marketing [2]

Year Author Thesis Title
2017 Shekari, Saeed Product performance and contracts in multi-component system industries: theory and evidence
2016 Sadovnikova, Anna open accessFruits from the tree of sustainability - value creation in green strategic partnerships 

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