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Constitutions of the Countries of the World and Constitutions of Dependencies & Territories now available online

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Constitutions of the Countries of the World Online contains the full text for the constitutions of 192 countries. Constitutional scholars who are familiar with the legal system, judicial language and official language of each foreign jurisdiction provide authoritative translations into English.

In addition, Constitutions of Dependencies and Territories Online consists of the most complete and up-to-date expert English translations of the constitutions of territories and dependencies and relevant federal constitutional provisions that define the relationship between the state and dependencies and territories. The author provides commentary that describes the interaction of the federal constitution with that of the dependency or territory. Find out more about these two resources at: /search/see.php?f=godi&r=1344204

IEEE Xplore service interruption (March 26th)

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The new IEEE Xplore 2.0 will launch on Saturday, 26 March 2005, and will provide subscribers with full-text searching of all content, along with numerous additional search enhancements.

The upgraded IEEE Xplore 2.0 system will also include a more functional design, reorganized help content,clearer identification of which documents users may access, and new "homepages" for all IEEE periodicals.

Existing OPAC catalog links to IEEE content and online authentication procedures will not be affected by this upgrade. However, any bookmarks to other pages within IEEE Xplore will need to be updated.

To accommodate the launch of IEEE Xplore 2.0, the site will not be available on 26 March, beginning at 8am EST (UTC -5) and lasting approximately 8 to 14 hours. This has been scheduled for the day when IEEE Xplore experiences the least amount of traffic.

For more information on the new features to be included in IEEE Xplore 2.0, please visit:

Extreme Makeover @ your library

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It’s 11 a.m. on a weekday in March and you need to study for a mid-term. You head over to the Library to find a quiet spot. You can’t find a seat anywhere.

Groups of students sit on the floor collaborating on projects. All the group study rooms are being used.

In the reference area, students are lined up waiting to use the computers.

These are scenes very familiar to students, and occur several times a day during the busiest times of the academic term. More students are using the libraries. The space for study, collections, service and technology needs to be balanced and sufficient. Information needs and learning styles have changed. All of these have contributed to the need to develop plans for the future use of library spaces.

The Libraries have undertaken three initiatives to address space issues, and invite members of the campus community to comment on these initiatives. On Tuesday, March 22, the Libraries will host two open sessions in the Gilmour Hall Council Room to gather input from library users on future directions for study, collection and computer spaces in all campus libraries. The first session runs from 9:30-11:30 a.m., and this will be repeated between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m.

The three initiatives are: the creation of a “Knowledge Commons” in Mills Library; a comprehensive review of public spaces in Mills, Innis and Thode Libraries; and the planned renovation of the Health Sciences Library.

The “Knowledge Commons” is being planned as a new integrated learning facility on the second and third floors of Mills Library. The vision is of a vibrant, user-centred facility, that will provide one-stop shopping for knowledge resources, technology, productivity software, research and technical assistance, and study space. Graham Hill, University Librarian, says “such a facility will provide a rich environment for critical thinking and lifelong learning, and will, in the words of Refining Directions, ‘put discovery at the centre of the learning experience’.” Facilities and components planned for the Commons include 200 wired computers (some of which will have adaptive technologies for use by students with visual disabilities), six new collaborative group study rooms, and seating arranged to encourage both collaborative and individual work.

The long-term space plan for the libraries suggests increasing the density of collection space to free up 10,000 square feet for additional study space, the creation of a centralized high-density storage facility to house low-use material, and the addition of seating capacity in Mills, Innis and Thode to ultimately accommodate 600 more study spaces. A further 100 new study spaces are planned in the Health Sciences Library.

The planned renovation of the Health Sciences Library includes a Learning Commons, a two- storey Reading Pavilion, an elegant History of Health & Medicine Room, an Open Reserve Room and more Group Study Rooms. Dorothy Fitzgerald, Director of the Health Sciences Library, says “the focus will be on ‘people space’, with more group learning space and quiet study space. The latest in technology, together with elegant design elements, art work and enhanced lighting will result in a welcoming ambiance, including a café at the dramatic new entrance. The design is client-centred, in keeping with McMaster’s commitment to lifelong, student-centred learning and to scholarly excellence”.

The Library invites all members of the campus community to attend one of the sessions. Provost & Vice-President (Academic) Ken Norrie, University Librarian Graham R. Hill, and Dorothy Fitzgerald, Director of the Health Sciences Library, will provide the context for library space planning, and will briefly review the work accomplished to date. A panel of faculty and students will then respond to questions and comments. Concept drawings and floor plans will be on display both before and after the presentation.

If you are unable to attend either of these sessions, you can submit comments and questions to the Library. Comment forms will also be available in all campus libraries.

Click here for more information on the Campus Consultation.

Keesing's Record of World Events online now on trial

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Keesing's Record of World Events is an authoritative monthly digest of worldwide political, diplomatic and economic affairs. The online version is on trial until April 10th. The library currently subscribes to this title in print and is considering moving to the online version.

CSA products on trial - ATLA, MLA International Bibliography, Philosopher's Index, PsycINFO

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Several products the library already subscribes to are on trial on the CSA (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts) platform. Users are encouraged to submit their comments about which searching platform you prefer to use.

Religious & Theological Abstracts (R &TA) now available online

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Religious and Theological Abstracts provides objective summaries of articles appearing in scholarly journals in the fields of Religion and Theology. They list a wide variety of periodical literature,including Christian, Jewish, and other world religions, and provide English language abstracts of articles in English, Hebrew, Afrikaans, and major European languages. The CD-ROM version of this title has been cancelled.

Book Review Index now available online

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Book Review Index is now available online through the Gale Group. This is a comprehensive online guide to book reviews with over five million review citations from thousands of publications, covering the years 1965 to the present. The print version of this index has been cancelled.

New Books Page updated with February acquisitions

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A list of the New Books received throughout the month of February has been posted for your information.

ACLS History e-Book Project on trial to March 31st

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On September 1, 2002, the ACLS History E-Book (HEB) Project launched its website. Currently the total number of titles stands at over 1000 books of high quality in the field of history. These are works of major importance to historical studies, books that remain vital to both scholars and advanced students, and are frequently cited in the literature. The project is expanding its fields of coverage and adding 250 titles a year.

New Books @ Innis - February 2005

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A list of the new business books received at Innis throughout the month of February has now been posted.


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