Books from Crime to Contemplation in Archives and Research Collections

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The William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections is pleased to announce that four book collections on a range of subjects are now open for reading and study. Come visit us on the Lower Level of Mills to learn more.

Powys Brothers Collection

If your interest is English literature, this is the collection for you! The Powys Brothers collection contains more than 400 volumes by and about John Cowper, Theodore Francis, and Llewelyn Powys. Originally gathered by Peter J. Bassnett, the books are complemented by a collection of archival materials.

West Indies & African Diaspora

Consisting of more than 200 volumes published from the 18th through the 20th centuries, the collection has strong roots in West Indian and Caribbean history, as well as the history of slavery and Africans in the New World. The collection came to us from long-time collector Dr. Anthony MacFarlane.

J. Robert Janes Collection
Mystery enthusiasts can explore Occupied France during World War II with the St.Cyr & Kohler mystery series, penned by Canadian author J. Robert Janes. A trained mining engineer, Janes also authored several books on geology and earth science. The accompanying archive gives you a look behind the scenes of his books.

Swedenborg Collection

Students of philosophy or theology can enjoy a collection of just over 100 volumes related to the life and teachings of 18th century Swedish scientist and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg and the church that bears his name.