New Biography Published from the Library's Collection

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The University Library is pleased to announce that a new biography of John Connell (John Henry Robertson) has been published.

Penned by noted U.K. author Robin Bryer, the book, Jack: A Literary Biography of John Connell (John Henry Robertson 1909-1965), tells the story of Connell's travels through British politics and society, detailing his diverse career as an author, journalist, and broadcaster, and the figures of politics and government that he encountered on the journey.

This new study of Connell's life is based on research using the personal archive of John Connell held by the Library's William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections. The archive consists of more than eight meters of records created by Connell over the course of his career, including more than 14,000 pieces of correspondence from all corners of the British Empire. Fully open to researchers, the John Connell fonds is described in detail on the Library's website and will be of interest to both literary scholars and researchers of the Depression, World War II, and post-war periods of British history.

Jack: A Literary Biography is available in the Library's collection at Mills or for purchase at AuthorHouse and Amazon.