A Week at Mills Library Will Soon Be Two Days Longer: Mills Learning Commons Goes 24/5 Starting September 2010

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The Library has good news for new and returning students in Fall 2010.  Starting September 13th, the Mills Learning Commons will remain open 24 hours a day during the week from Sunday through Thursday.  On Fridays and Saturdays, it will remain open until 2am.  As usual, once the exam period begins in early December, the hours will shift to 24/7.

The move has been made in response to student requests for more late night study space and means that the Library is open an astounding 51 extra hours a week!  That's almost an addition of two days worth of studying time.

McMaster Students Union President, Vishal Tiwari commented that, "In these past few years especially, McMaster students have witnessed a progressive transformation in their libraries in accommodating student needs, in spite of the difficult economic situation faced by the University. The move to the 24/5 Mills Learning Commons is a fantastic step in assuring unparalleled access to one of the top libraries in the country.  McMaster is demonstrating its commitment to continuously bettering the quality of education on our campus."

The Library first began extending the hours in the Learning Commons in the Spring 2007 exam period, less than a year after the space had been renovated, and successfully experimented with opening 24/7 during the Spring 2009 exam period. 

"The McMaster Association of Part-Time Students (MAPS) is thrilled to learn that Mills Learning Commons is going 24/5, said Executive Director Sam Minniti.  "The vast majority of MAPS members pursue their studies in the Social Sciences and Humanities, and as such, their second home -- and hub of library activity -- is Mills Memorial Library and the Learning Commons.  Twenty-four hour access to the Learning Commons represents an outstanding commitment by Jeffrey Trzeciak and his staff in recognizing and meeting the accessibility needs of part-time students that juggle the demands of a career, family, and higher learning.  Such epitome of access for part-time students is tremendously appreciated!"