Mills Learning Commons is a Quiet Study Space During Exams: You Asked and We Acted

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Exam time is upon us and the library is responding to your requests for more quiet study space.

During the exam period, from April 10th to April 28th, the library will be making the Mills Learning Commons a quiet study space.

We know what you're thinking.  "How are they going to turn one of the busiest spots in Mills into a quiet space?"

We'll be pulling out every stop to try to make this happen over the next few weeks, but we're going to need your help.  Starting April 7th, you'll begin to see quiet study posters like the one shown on the right in and around the Mills Learning Commons.  The message on the posters asks you to help us out by:

  • reminding your neighbours that the Learning Commons is a quiet study space during exams
  • if it's still noisy, letting staff know at the help desk
  • if the noise problem persists, emailing, indicating the location of the noise problem in the Mills Learning Commons

What does this mean for you

It means that you'll be able to pursue quiet, individual study and low-level conversation in the Mills Learning Commons.  What won't be allowed is group work, cell phone use, loud music, socializing, or rowdiness.  Take a look at the webpages listed below to find an area in Mills, Innis or Thode that suits the type of studying you'll be doing during exams.

Mills Learning Commons AND these spaces will be quiet study areas

Silent study areas

Group study areas

Good luck on exams everyone!