New Books in the Health Sciences Library!

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Over July and August, while everyone else was relaxing by the pool, the Health Sciences Library was busy adding books!

There are over 100 new titles, to see them click here:

New books July and August 2008

Come and visit the library to sign one out, or have a seat and read one in the Reading Pavilion!


New books in the HSL: last update - August 2008.??!!! It's March 2010 on my calendar
<p>Your calendar doesn't lie! The last update from HSL was in August of 2008 because their news posts have not been included on this site since then (you can find all their news, including current content, <a href=";category=5">on the hsl website</a>).</p> <p>We hope to have all their news rolled into this space in a couple of months. Stay tuned!</p>