Drawn to Victory: Aerial photography in World War One

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McMaster map expert, Gord Beck is featured, along with numerous maps from McMaster’s renowned World War One map collection, in the documentary Drawn to Victory: The Revolution of Mapping in World War One  airing on Sunday Oct. 30 at 9:00 p.m. on CPAC.

Beck, a Map Specialist in McMaster University Library’s Maps, Data and GIS Department, served as a consultant, and also appears in the documentary, which focuses on Canada’s contribution to the evolution of aerial mapmaking and examines the impact of new mapping standards and techniques developed by the Allies during WW1.

McMaster’s Lloyd Reeds Maps Collection contains more than 1500 maps and 600 aerial photos from World War One, making it one of the largest WW1 map collections in Canada and the largest collection of digitized WW1 maps in the world.

Maps from the collection were used both in the documentary and to create educational resources for teachers including:

Drawn to Victory Giant Floor Maps

Vimy Ridge Giant Floor Map  

Drawn to Victory was sponsored by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Canadian Geographic Magazine, the Canadian Heritage Ministry and CPAC (Canadian Public Affairs Channel).