Wi-Fi Improvements in Mills and Thode Libraries

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wireless iconOver the summer, the Library funded the installation and upgrading of new and existing Wi-Fi access points in both Mills and Thode Libraries.

Working closely with University Technology Services, who helped optimize and fine tune the new network, early reviews strongly suggest that both buildings now boast the fastest and most stable Wi-Fi signals on campus.

The most notable improvement is the addition of McMaster’s first, public access 5GHz wireless network. Existing alongside of the current campus wide networks MacSecure and Eduroam, MacSecure-5 uses the 5GHz frequency for what promises to be faster data transfers, less congestion and reduced interference. The caveat is that in most cases, only newer phones, laptops, and tablets have the ability to “see” 5GHz signals.

Even if your technology cannot take advantage of the new MacSecure-5 network, the addition of over a dozen new access points and the improved configurations of existing access points ensures that current users of MacSecure and Eduroam networks will also reap the benefits of these technological updates.

These improvements are limited to Mills and Thode alone with no current plans for expansion. If you find yourself in these spaces, we encourage you to log in and find out for yourselves. Please let us know what you think!