Miss Lou tribute to Maya Angelou

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“Dear Mrs. Bennett-Coverley, The magnificent Maya Angelou has asked me to contact you and ask you to present the 1986 Living Legacy Award to her at the presentation banquet on March 7, 1986, in San Diego, California.” So begins the letter from the Women’s International Center inviting Miss Lou to present a tribute to Maya Angelou at this occasion. The letter, Bennett-Coverley’s reply, and her touching tribute are all part of the Miss Lou Archives, held in the William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections in Mills Library.

As part of her tribute, Miss Lou wrote a poem to Angelou, which reads as follows:

Maya Angelou….

Dem say dat yu magnificent, an dat is not no lie.

For dictionary say magnificent, dignified

Stately, Splendid

Grand, Exalted,

Noble, and nuff more wud to

In fact, eena any language

Yuh magnificent fe true

But eena fe mi language

Magnificent mean Tallewah,

And Tallewah, mean stalwart

And Tallewah, mean strong

Big-hearted, Brave-hearted, Lion-hearted,


Walk good, Maya Angelou

And Magnificence walk wid yu.