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Listed below are highlights of new archival, book and digital collections which have been described and catalogued over the past 10 months.


Literary: new collections

  • Juan Butler.  Butler’s original manuscript of his groundbreaking 1969 novel, The Cabbagetown Diaries.  Donated by Evelyn Jones.
  • Trevor Cole.  The archive of this award-winning Canadian novelist includes manuscripts of his novels, as well as material of various family members, including his father, stage actor William ColeDonated by Trevor Cole
  • Basil Johnston.  First Nations writer from Cape Croker, Ontario.  Includes manuscripts and material in the Ojibway language.  Donated by Basil Johnston.
  • Robert Sawyer. Multiple-award winning science fiction author.  Donated by Robert Sawyer.
  • Dianne Woodman. Recordings of Woodman’s interviews with leading figures in Canadian publishing. Donated by Dianne Woodman.

Literary: additions to existing collections

  • Pierre Berton.  The 15th accrual of the popular writer’s archive, including some early writings and rare Yukon photographs. Donated by Janet Berton.
  • Marian Engel. A small but significant addition consisting of 11 letters written by Engel to her McGill friend, Elizabeth Carroll, 1957-58.  Donated by Elizabeth Carroll.
  • Douglas Gibson.  More from the editor’s archive, including manuscripts of Alice Munro’s Dear Life and Alistair MacLeod’s No Great Mischief.  Donated by Douglas Gibson.
  • J. Robert Janes. The 2nd accrual of the author the St. Cyr-Kohler mystery series.  Donated by J. Robert Janes.
  • Peter C. Newman. The 9th accrual of the writer’s archive, featuring material on his book When the Gods Changed: the Death of Liberal Canada.  Donated by Peter C. Newman.
  • We have also acquired the archive of Newman’s research assistants, Martin and Jane Lynch.  Donated by the Lynch estate.
  • Anna Porter. – The 2nd accrual of the writer-publisher’s personal archive, as well as the 7th accrual of of the archive of Key Porter Books.  Donated by Anna Porter. and
  • Writers’ Union of Canada.  The latest from the literary organization founded in 1972.  Donated by the Writers’ Union.

World Wars

  • Charles Hamilton Mitchell. A very rare archive of a Canadian First World War intelligence officer.  Donated by Stephen Traviss.
  • The Hamilton Spectator World War II Photograph Collection. Over 6,000 photographs compiled by the Spectator relating to WWII and other 20th century conflicts.  Donated by the Hamilton Spectator


  • Valerie Tryon.  Our first accrual from the celebrated pianist.  Donated by Valerie Tryon.
  • Alan Walker. The 4th accrual of the archives of the eminent Liszt scholar. Donated by Alan Walker.


  • Brian McFarlane.  The 4th accrual of the hockey writer and broadcaster, and the 7th of his father, Leslie McFarlane, the original author of The Hardy Boys mysteries.  Donated by Brian McFarlane. and
  • Skating Collection. A vast collection of photographs, ephemera and other material relating to ice skating and figure skating in Canada and around the world.  Donated by Carl Spadoni.


  • Alan Mendelson.  Manuscript and research notes of his memoir, A Life in Briefs.  Donated by Alan Mendelson.
  • William Noble. An important archive of the former anthropology professor including records relating to archeological digs at various Ontario sites.  From the estate of William Noble.

Labour unions

  • Mark Krakowski.  2nd accrual relating to various Canadian labour unions. Donated by Mark Krakowski.


We have completed work on a number of partially-catalogued book collections, including:

Cataloguing is underway on several other collections of books as well:

  • Klaus Pringsheim collection ( music scores and books chiefly on music, and a collection of Chinese communist pamphlets
  • Macmillan Canada publishers collection
  • McClelland and Stewart publishers collection

All books catalogued for the Division of Archives and Research Collections can be found in the library catalogue. You can also browse the entire list of books catalogued over the last 10 months here:


  • Virtual Museum of the Holocaust and the Resistance. We continue to add content to this website highlighting some of our Holocaust and Resistance collections. Created with support from Madeleine and Monte Levy.