Students invited to participate in library research project to help assess information literacy skills (SAILS)

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Students are invited to participate in SAILS (Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) to help Kent State University better refine their test database of information literacy questions.  The quiz consists of 45 multiple choice questions and should take about 30 minutes to complete. 

We will be offering SAILS participation on the following days during the week of November 19th:

Tues: 11:30am and 1pm
Wed: 11:30
Thurs: 9:30am

All sessions will take place in the Wong e-classroom, locaated on the first floor of Mills Library and students are encouraged to participate in this research. 

Participation is completely voluntary and confidential.  Students can withdraw at any time throughout the test and no identifying information will be gathered.

Any questions about SAILS can be directed to Jeannie An,