Library Staff Directory

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Namesort descending Department E-mail Telephone Extension
Ready, Liam Facilities readylf 24010
Robertson, Joanne Sherman Centre roberj30 905-746-2607
Robinson, Chris CAVS robinc 22095
Romane, Leeanne Library Services, Mills romanel1 23061
Romane, Leeanne Learning Support romanel1 23061
Rzeczkowski, Wiktor Library & Learning Technologies rzeczkow 23877
Schell, Audrie Archives and Research Collections schellaj 22080
Serviss, Lynne Library Services, Mills servisl 24053
Shaw, Ted CAVS shawed 905-745-1538
Siddiqui, Abeer Learning Support siddia33 20733
Smircich, Adam Collections smircica 24844
Snider, Bob Facilities rsnider 24010
Snively, Adam Library Services, Mills snivelya 22077
Soares, Carlie CAVS soarec2 905-746-0409
Sorowka, Lynn Library Services, Thode sorowka 22000
Stapleton, Rick Archives and Research Collections rstaple 27885
Stienstra, Erin Library Services, Innis stienste 22081
Swanson, Erik Collections swansone 23549
Waite, Nancy Library Accessibilty Services (LAS) waitenm 26058
Waters, Steven Facilities waters 905-818-2544