Library Staff Directory

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Namesort descending Department E-mail Telephone Extension
Erasmi, Alessandro Library Services, Innis erasmial 22081
Erasmi, Alessandro Lyons New Media Centre erasmial 22081
Farragher, Keara Library Services, Mills farragk 22077
Faught, Joanne Office of the University Librarian faughj2 24355
Fera, Rebecca Office of the University Librarian ferard 289-684-1257
Fesnak, Matthew Collections Management fesnakm 23549
Fink, John Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship jfink 21466
Flak, Anna Library Services, Mills flaka1 23023
Foster, Karen Collections fosterk 21311
Geiss, Otto Campus Classroom Technologies geisso Mobile: 905-741-5125/x.26967
Gonsalves, Dash Campus Classroom Technologies gonsalvd 289-684-5546
Groover, Myron Archives and Research Collections groover 22790
Hack, Chanthorn Student Media & Computing hackc 289-456-6868
Homuth, Christine Maps,Data,GIS homuthc 24745
Hotson, Mary Office of the University Librarian hotsonm 27099
Jadon, Vivek Maps,Data,GIS jadonvs 23848
Johnson, Denise Library Services, Mills dmjohnso 22077
Joyce, Erin Library Services, Mills joyceec 22077
Kemper, David Library & Learning Technologies kemperd 20261
Knight, Tom Facilities tknight 24010