SAGE Research Methods (SRMO)

SAGE Research Methods (SRMO)

Contains information on the full range of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods for the social and behavioral sciences, as well as many methods commonly used in the hard sciences, pulled from over 750 handbooks, encyclopedias, and journal articles. Supports researchers in every step of a research project, from writing a research question, choosing a method, gathering and analyzing data, to writing up and publishing the findings.


  • Fulltext e-books
  • Handbooks, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries
  • “Little Green Books” (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)
  • “Little Blue Books” (Qualitative Methods in Social Science)
  • short videos
  • Methods Map - a visualization tool showing the relationships between methods


Alternative:SAGE Research Methods Online
Subjects:Arts and Humanities | Business | General and Multi-disciplinary | Science and Technology | Social Sciences | Anthropology | Biochemistry | Biology | Chemistry | Communication Studies | Cultural Studies and Critical Theory | Economics | Education | Engineering (General) | Gender Studies and Feminist Research | Geography | Globalization | Health Aging and Society | Human Resources and Management | Kinesiology | Labour Studies | Library and Information Science | Linguistics and Languages | Marketing | Physics | Political Science | Psychology | Religious Studies | Science | Social Work | Sociology