CPI.Q - Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly

CPI.Q - Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly
Coverage:1980 to the present; selected full text 1983 to present.

Covers about 17 million articles from over 1,500 Canadian journals, magazines and newspapers (English and French). Full-text availability for about 800 periodicals from 1983 to the present, and of selected sections of the Globe and Mail newspaper (Toronto) from 1985 to the present. Covers a broad range of subjects including current events, health, technology, the arts, history, literature, culture and business; emphasis on mainstream and academic titles available in Canadian libraries.

Publisher:Gale Research,
Alternative:Canadian Periodical Index, CPIQ
Subjects:Business | General and Multi-disciplinary | Social Sciences | Communication Studies | Economics | Education | Gender Studies and Feminist Research | Health Aging and Society | Health Studies | Human Resources and Management | Indigenous Peoples | Labour Studies | Literature | Marketing | Music | Political Science | Sociology