Chicago Manual of Style Online

Chicago Manual of Style Online

A new edition (17th) of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) will be released September 2017. The Announcement and What's New in CMOS 17.

Provides guidance on citing sources, reference formats, grammar and usage, and manuscript production. Both the 15th (2003) and 16th (2010) editions are available online. A new 17th (2017) edition will be available this September at which time the 15th (2003) edition will no longer be available. 

Note that there are two formats in Chicago style: notes with bibliography, used for the humanities and some social sciences, and parenthetical citations with reference list, used predominantly by the physical, natural, and social sciences.
Publisher:University of Chicago Press
Alternative:Chicago manual of style | CMOS
Subjects:Arts and Humanities | Business | General and Multi-disciplinary | Science and Technology | Social Sciences | History | Library and Information Science | Marketing