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Box 1
Note: correspondence is filed in chronological order; however, it is listed here alphabetically. Includes incoming and outgoing letters. Also includes photographs and typescripts.
F.1      1926-1940
Austin Evening School, Chicago (Maurice M. Shapiro)
William M. Baker, University of Detroit
W.M. Batts (R.J. Fitzsimons Corp.)
M. Blau (Mexico)
Olaf Bloch (Ilford Ltd.)
Niels Bohr (Denmark)
W.R. Burwell
J. Chadwick, University of Liverpool
Donald Cooksey, University of California
A.J. Dempster, University of Chicago
Robley D. Evans, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Colin G. Fink, Columbia University
Otto Hahn, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Chemistry, Berlin
J.E. Henderson, University of Washington
Victor F. Hess, Fordham University
J. Joly, Trinity College, Dublin
Alfred C. Lan, Cambridge, Mass.
K. Lark-Horovitz, Purdue University
W.B. Mann, University of California
Stephen J. McDonough, Associated Press
N.M. Mohler, Smith College
D.B. Murray, Royal Canadian Institute
J.J. O’Neil, New York Herald Tribune
Robert Oppenheimer
C.F. Powell, University of Bristol
Ignacio Puig, Observatorio de San Miguel
J.R. Richardson, University of California
Royal Canadian Institute, Toronto
Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (H.H. Blacklock)
Sir Ernest Rutherford, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge; includes a letter of introduction for Dr. Wilkins to Mme Curie, 1934. Two of the letters are framed separately and located before F.1
H.D. Smith, University of British Columbia
University of Chicago Bookstore
Vorstana des physikalischen Institules, Innsbruk
Gerald Wrenshell, McMaster University
See also Box 2, F.2-4
Wilkins’ articles (reprints and typescripts). Alphabetically arranged by title.
F.2      A Cloud-Chamber Study of the Alpha-Rays of Activo-Uranium. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. June 1938.
F.3-4   Cosmic Ray Tracks In Photographic Emulsions. The National Geographic Society
U.S. Army Air Corps Stratosphere Flight of 1935 in the Balloon “Explorer II”. Washington 1936. (typescript and published).
F.5      Direct Photographic Tracks of Atomic Cosmic-Ray Corpuscles. Reprint from The Physical Review. March 1936.
F.6      An Examination of the Principles of Orthostereoscopic Photomicrography and Some Applications. L.C. Martin and T.R. Wilkins. Reprint from The Journal of the Optical Society of America. October 1937.
F.7      Grain-Spacing of Alpha-Ray, Proton a Deuteron Tracks in Photographic Emulsions. T.R. Wilkins and H.J. St. Helens. Reprint from The Physical Review. Nov. 1938.
F.8      The Identification of the Radioactive Isotope of Samarium. Typescript.
F.9      The Institute of Applied Optics of the University of Rochester. Reprint from The Journal of the Optical Society of America. June 1931.
F.10    Isotopes in Induced Radioactivity. Reprint from The Physical Review. Feb. 1935.
F.11    Isotopes of Uranium. Reprint from Nature. Sept. 24, 1932.
F.12    A modification of Wiechert’s experiment T.R. Wilkins and J.A. Wood T.R. Wilkins and J.A. Wood. [University of Rochester].
F.13    Multiple Valency in the Ionization by Alpha Rays. Reprint from The Physical Review. March 1922.
F.14    Radioactivity of the Isotopes of an Element. T.R. Wilkins & A.J. Dempster. Illustrated Catalogue, The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, p. 32. Oct. 1938.
F.15    The Response of a Photographic Emulsion to Alpha-Rays. T.R. Wilkins and R.N. Wolfe. Reprint from The Journal of the Optical Society. Sept. 1933.
F.16    The Response of Photographic Materials to Atomic Particles. Reprint from Journal of Applied Physics. Jan. 1940.
F.17    Scattering of Protons by Magnesium and Aluminum. Reprint from The Physical Review. Sept. 1, 1941.
F.18    Scattering of Protons by Magnesium Nuclei. Gerald A. Wrenshall. Reprint from The Physical Review. Jan 1 and 15, 1943.
F.19    Science and Religion Yesterday and Today. An Address delivered at McMaster University, April 6, 1935.
F.20    Some Further Uses for the Neon Grid-Glow Tube. T.R. Wilkins and F.B. Friend. Reprint from The Journal of the Optical Society of America and Review of Scientific Instruments. May 1928.
F.21    Some Implications of Recent Physics in Social Thinking. An address delivered at the opening of McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Nov. 1930.
F.22    Some Reflections in the Borderland Between Physics and Metaphysics. Reprint from The Colgate-Rochester Divinity School Bulletin. May 1930.
F.23    The Temperature Coefficient of Photographic Sensitivity. Part II. Effect of Low Temperature on the Photographic Action of Alpha-Particles. S.E. Sheppard, T.R. Wilkins, E.P. Wightman, R.N. Wolfe. Reprint from The Journal of The Franklin Institute. Oct. 1936.
F.24    The Use of Photography on the Study of Radium. Typescript.
F.25    The Validity of the Photographic Reciprocity Law for Alpha-Rays. R.N. Wolfe and T.R. Wilkins. Reprint from Journal of the Optical Society of America. March 1936.
F.26    A Wilson Cloud Chamber Investigation of the Alpha-Particles from Uranium. W.M. Rayton and T.R. Wilkins. Reprint from The Physical Review. May 1937.

Box 2
F.1      “Study of Free Silver in Emulsions and Area of Exposed Silver on Grains in Photographic Emulsions”, 1938. Holograph, with labeled photographs.
F.2      “The Half-Life of Activo-Uranium” ts. Also photographs, various reprints by other scientists and correspondence with John L. Rose, New York University and A.V. Grosse, University of Chicago, 1936-1937
F.3       “Tracks in Photographic Emulsions”, containing correspondence with Illford Limited and Eastman Kodak, 1938-1939, regarding the processing of “R” plates. Photographs and holograph notes.
F.4      Bound spiral notebook, “X-Ray Isotopes. Mass Spectrograph”. Holograph notes, photographic negatives, and pasted in and loose correspondence, predominantly from A.J. Dempster, University of Chicago, 1936-1938. Also Robley D. Evans, MIT and others.
F.5      Photographs of various experiments.
F.6      News clippings about T.R. Wilkins and his work, 1926-1940.

Fonds Description

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